Form GST PMT 09 | Manual Filing and Viewing Form GST PMT-09 online

FORM GST PMT 09 – Transfer the money available in Electronic Cash ledger


 In case a taxpayer deposited any amount under a major head i.e. IGST, CGST, SGST/UTGST and Cess or minor head i.e. Tax, Interest, Penalty, Fee and Others, they can then utilize this amount for discharging their liabilities only under that major head and minor head. Sometimes, inadvertently the taxpayer pays the amount under the wrong head and it cannot be used to discharge the liabilities which may be due in another head. We can transfer the available cash ledger tax to other head using Form GST PMT 09.


Now in such cases taxpayers have two options:-


  • Form GST PMT-09 :- Form GST PMT-09 is now available on GST portal and it enables a taxpayer to make intra-head or inter-head transfer of amount available in Electronic Cash Ledger. A taxpayer can file GST PMT 09 for transfer of any amount of tax, interest, penalty, fee or others available under one (major or minor) head to another (major or minor) head in the Electronic Cash Ledger.


  • Form GST RFD-01 :- Taxpayers can claim the refund of the amount which may have been deposited under wrong head in GST by filing a refund application in FORM RFD-01 under the category “Excess balance in electronic cash ledger”. The process of filing refund claim and its disbursement can sometimes lead to blockage of funds for the taxpayer.


GST PMT-09 Key points:


  •  Major heads :- Integrated tax, Central tax, State tax, and Cess.
  • Minor heads :- Tax, Interest, Penalty, Fee and Others.
  • U can transfer the amount which is available in cash ledger.
  • If the wrong tax has already been utilized for making any payment, then u can not transfer it.
  • The amount once utilised can not be transfer
  • This Form only allows transfer of the amounts that are available in the electronic cash ledger.
  • if any amount of tax has been reported in GSTR-3B then this form is not useful.
  •  With filing of Form GST PMT – 09 u can make multiple transfers from more than one Major/Minor head to another Major/Minor head


Important Points to be remember while Filing GST PMT 09 :

  • To file Form GST PMT-09 taxpayers are required to login on GST portal
  • After login successfully navigate to Services > Ledgers > Electronic Cash Ledger > File GST PMT-09 For Transfer of Amount option.
  • After Filing of Form GST PMT-09 :
  • ARN is generated on successful filing of Form.
  • An SMS and an email is sent to the taxpayer on his registered mobile and email id.
  • Electronic Cash ledger will get updated after successful filing of Form 09
  • Filed form GST PMT-09 will be available for view/download in PDF format.
  • To file GST PMT 09 Firm Visit



Filing Process of GST PMT 09:-






  •  Electronics Cash Ledger > File GST PMT 09 for transfer of amount.




  • Click File GST PMT 09 for transfer of amount and then a window is open whivh is below displayed.
  • Cash ledger balance-available for transfer in this window we will see Balance balance available in an electronic cash ledger for transfer





  • In this window we can see update balance available  after updating the balance.




  •  this window we can see  cash ledger balance – available for  transfer.
    • ADD RECORD – in this table we enter amount in “”ansfer amount from  and transfer amount to””.
    • We need to fill correct details in add record table.





  • After entering the details in add record, amount will get updated in Cash ledger balance-preview of updated balance after clicking on save tab





  • When we saved the all correct details, the entered details will get reflected with processed records.




  •  Click on proceed to file and verified the same with the help of DSC  and EVC.GST PMT 09



  • After the verification GST PMT 09 is filed successfully.
  • GST PMT 09




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